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Whether you're in need of restoration for the brass or bronze in your building or just need a quick polish, we have services for you!

Clean and restore the metals in your building

The aesthetics of many building entrances, elevators and lobbies are enhanced with architectural metals such as bronze, brass, stainless steel and aluminum. These metals require periodic maintenance to maintain their beauty and to prevent oxidation and corrosion. Ramco can provide service teams who can refinish your architectural metals on a scheduled service or on a contract basis.



Protective coatings have a short life span and periodically the old coating must be removed so that the metal can be cleaned and brightened. Once cleaned, the metal can be recoated with a new clear finish that will prevent oxidation, be easy to clean and will maintain the luster achieved during the cleaning. Coating materials should be chosen with regard to their purpose. Exterior coatings should be formulated to withstand harmful ultraviolet rays. High wear areas such as door handles and kick plates require a thicker coat or a harder finish material. Ramco can offer a full range of lacquers, polyurethanes and acrylics to fill your needs. Badly worn metals or less attractive metals may require metalizing or a pigmented coating. Ramco can match any color or remetalize worn or damaged sections of any metal substrate.


Scratch Removal

All architectural metals that are near the public are subject to abuse. Using high speed buffers with the proper compounds, Ramco can remove most scratches or blemishes and return the metal to its original mirror or satin finish.


Restoration Of Metal Artifacts

Using our various cleaning skills and the coating technologies outlined above, Ramco can refinish or restore various metal antique or contemporary artifacts. If the artifact is damaged, we have a source of small artisans who can make all necessary repairs. The work can be performed in our shop or in the field.


Marble Honing

Dull or damaged interior and exterior marble can be re-honed using high speed buffing machines with diamond resurfacing pads. The total system restores the beauty of the marble, enriches the colors and helps to protect against stains and water penetration. Using another option, Ramco can offer various marble coatings that will add luster and sheen to polished marble that has become dull over time.

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