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Environmental and Restoration Services

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If you're worried about handling hazardous materials and what harm might be caused by exposure, let our team of highly trained professionals lend you a hand.

Remove hazardous materials with ease

Ramco can provide professional cleaners who are fully trained in accordance with CFR 1910.1200, CFR 1910.132-3 and CFR 1910.134 to perform industrial cleaning in contaminated areas or on contaminated surfaces.


Our men have had the appropriate training in specific hazardous materials thus allowing them to work within contaminated areas that have tested above OSHA's exposure limits. The hazardous material must be defined prior to the men entering the site. Our prices include all required training and insurance.


The reasons for using Ramco for environmental cleaning include...

1. Increased production, due to the use of professional cleaners.

2. Safety, due to knowledge of industrial rigging and familiarity with cleaning products.

3. Economy, due to #1 and #2 and by using cleaning laborer's rates.


Examples of the type of contaminants that Ramco can remove include lead, PCB's, cadmium, mercury, cyanide, etc. Ramco can perform the work on ceilings, walls, floors, machines, tanks, etc. The type of work not included would be spills, emergency response, ground remediation or any area falling under RCRA or TSDF's.


All of Ramco's training is provided by certified outside training firms. Our sources of hazardous material information include our in-house reference library, outside consultants and various on-line services.


Prior to performing any work, Ramco will submit a written work plan to the customer outlining the objective and scope of the project, the method of removal or cleaning, the personal protection involved, the area protection and the products that will be used. The project will be monitored with both personal sampling and background sampling. This program will result in a safe, high quality cleaning performance with very reasonable pricing.

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