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Choose from a number of industrial and commercial cleaning services to give your employees  an extremely clean workspace.

Make your business spotless with our cleaning services

The economic base of Ramco Technologies, Inc. has always been its commercial and industrial specialty cleaning division. We have been serving New England's commercial/industrial markets for many years and have demonstrated innovation in developing cleaning techniques that solve routine or unique cleaning tasks efficiently and economically with the minimum interference with your company's production. The services outlined in this brochure represent work that is being performed daily by our crews. We can provide teams three shifts per day , seven days per week. Our most active services are listed below along with a brief explanation.


Fluorescent  Light Cleaning & Relamping

Clean light fixtures reflect more light and improve the aesthetic quality of the area. Group relamping is more economical than replacing burnouts one at a time.


Ceiling & Superstructure Cleaning

Fire, health and environmental hazards can be reduced by keeping the overhead areas of your plant clean. A clean overhead does a better job of reflecting light and will create a healthier work environment for employees.


Surface Preparation Prior To Painting Or Refinishing

Proper surface preparation is every bit as important as the coating that is to be applied. It is a false economy to skimp on the preparation of the surface that is to be coated. If the new coating does not have a good surface for adhesion, it will not last.


Indoor Air Quality

The cleanliness of the air environment in buildings is getting a great deal of attention from employers, and from State and Federal agencies. The quality of all interior building air can be controlled. The air handling systems can be checked for cleanliness, CO2 levels, accumulated moisture, and/or monitored for infectious bacteria by using inexpensive monitoring and testing devices. If the monitoring program detects bacteria, the air supply HVAC systems can be completely cleaned and disinfected from the fan units to the coils and the ducts through the diffusers. After cleaning, the filtration system can be evaluated and in addition to a routine maintenance program, can receive scheduled testing for any reappearance of bacteria.


Masonry Floor Cleaning & Sealing

Interior plant masonry floor can become unsightly and unsafe due to the accumulation of dirt and grease. Ramco can clean the floors by using conventional chemical cleaning systems or by the use of abrasive systems such as shot blasting or grinding. Once cleaned, the flooring can be sealed by the application of one of the many excellent products or systems that are available on the market.


Equipment Cleaning & Painting

Your production machinery, collectors, exhausters and other equipment can be kept clean with a scheduled maintenance service so as not to interfere with normal production. After cleaning, we can also repaint or color code your machinery or equipment.


Laborers By The Hour

Ramco can provide skilled cleaning laborers to augment your own forces. Our men could be used for miscellaneous cleaning chores, construction clean-up, moving, light demolition or emergencies.

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