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Environmental and Restoration Services

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With over 25 years in the commercial and industrial cleaning business, your building's needs will be in the hands of highly experienced cleaning and restorations pros.

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Ramco Technologies, Inc. is one of this countries pioneers in the field of chemically cleaning building facades. We have performed restoration on many New England projects including the interior and exterior of the Connecticut State Capitol. As Ramco's reputation in stone cleaning grew, we expanded beyond our Connecticut boundaries and participated in such notable projects as the interior restoration of the United States Capitol and the exterior restoration of The White House in Washington, D.C.


Chemical Cleaning

The art of cleaning building substrates requires the blend of the proper product with the right pressure and volume rinse combination. Ramco uses the "Hydroclean" Restoration Cleaning Systems,, a company with a proven history of product dependability. The cleanliness of a building's facade is the visual vanguard of the building's personality. Clean substrates will also resist the corrosive effects of the many airborne contaminants that help to destroy stone architecture. A clean facade will increase the marketability of the property either to attract tenants or prospective buyers.


Caulking, Repointing & Water-Repellents

If a building is allowed to leak and moisture accumulates within the stone, efflorescence will occur and ultimately there will be deterioration from within the substrate. Restoration repointing should also accurately address matching the color and texture of the existing mortar. The choice of caulking materials should insure adhesion between dissimilar substrates. Some building substrates are porous and require a breathable water-repellent. Ramco can return your facade to a watertight, like new condition. Once restored, we can offer a preventative maintenance program that will keep your building dry and looking like the day it was restored.


Sandblasting, Graffiti Removal, Interior Stone Cleaning

Ramco's additional building services include sandblasting certain architectural metals such as fire escapes. We can chemically remove all types of graffiti both on a contract or emergency basis. Many buildings have beautiful marble, limestone or granite stone in their lobbies, hallways, stairwells, etc. This interior stone is subject to the various contaminants that are found within a building and include soot, cigarette smoke, hand sweat and other carbon based grime. Ramco's unique interior stone cleaning process will safely and thoroughly clean any interior substrate to a like new condition.



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