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Don't let harmful materials such as asbestos and lead present a health hazard your property and the surrounding area. Let our experienced team assist you.

Remove harmful asbestos and lead from your property

There has been an increased demand for a safer environment in the workplace, schools and in the home. Many common substances, previously thought to be harmless, have now been identified as hazardous to health and must be either removed, contained or controlled. Ramco Environmental has developed various alternatives for its customers that approach hazardous waste management through one or more of our service/contract programs. These systems allow our customers to control their environmental costs through a budget with predetermined cost controls. Ramco was one of the first to enter the asbestos removal market and with our long history of industrial cleaning and paint removal, we were well equipped to perform in the environmental cleaning, asbestos removal and lead removal markets.


Asbestos Removal

Ramco has developed a management team that is focused on performing asbestos removal work within the industrial and renovation markets. This team has given Ramco the proven capability of immediately responding to our customer's emergency needs twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. We have a team of diversified talents and keep a full inventory of asbestos removal supplies, plus negative air machines, HEPA vacuums, roof cutters, scissors lifts, interior buckets, emergency ceiling access control cubes, Blastracers, mechanical tile scrapers and a variety of other rigging and specialty equipment.


Ramco has been innovative and along with key State personnel has helped to develop the "alternative work practice" (AWP) program which has resulted in substantial savings to our customers. The AWP program continues to be improved and expanded as we work with the State for additional approved methods of removal.


In addition to asbestos removal, all of our employees are certified in confined space entry and lead abatement. Several of our employees have 40 hour HAZMAT certification. We have available to us on an emergency or contract basis, asbestos certified HVAC, electrical, sheet metal and demolition workers.


All of our employees are trained and maintain their currency through a State approved training facility. All of our testing is performed by a State and Federally approved laboratory. All asbestos is hauled and disposed of in a State and Federally approved landfill.


After removal, our re-insulation division will replace insulation to our customer's specifications.


Lead Abatement

The regulations involving lead abatement essentially parallel those for asbestos removal. Due to our experience with paint removal and our asbestos removal experience, it is a natural that we have been in the lead removal since its inception. Ramco can offer the same service/contract approach for lead abatement as we offer with our other services. All of our workers are lead trained and we carry a full complement of products and equipment.

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